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COVID 19 Testing

COVID 19 Testing

COVID-19 Infection and Antibody Testing Now Available

COVID-19, otherwise known as the novel coronavirus, has created a global pandemic with a high rate of transmission. Speed and certainty of detection within patient populations are key to identifying and isolating potential outbreaks and enabling the resumption of normal business and social activity.

AccessDx has a complete suite of clinical testing solutions that have been made available pursuant to the FDA's emergency use authorization for diagnostic testing. This includes COVID-19 Infection testing using RT-PCR technology, as well as high-quality COVID-19 IgG antibody testing using CMIA technology.

COVID-19 Infection Testing

The AccessDx Covid-19 diagnostic test quickly identifies the presence of SARS-CoV-2 using a laboratory-grade RT-PCR testing process. Results are available within 24-48 hours of sample receipt.

In addition to base COVID-19 testing options, AccessDx also offers a comprehensive respiratory pathogen panel that detects 26 additional viral and bacterial infections.

> Collection methodology: Nasal (NP) and/or Oral (OP) swabs, provided by AccessDx. Collection kits can be provided for same-day/next-day use as necessary.

> Turnaround time: 24-48 business hours from lab receipt

> Clients supported: Health systems, long term care facilities, employer groups, state and local government agencies

*Download a PDF summary of AccessDx COVID-19 infection testing solutions.

COVID-19 Antibody Testing

The AccessDx COVID-19 Antibody test is designed to identify the presence of IgG antibodies from a patient's blood sample. This type of testing helps to identify those who have had previous exposure to the virus, even if that individual has been previously asymptomatic. AccessDx COVID-19 antibody testing can be utilized by healthcare providers and health agencies as part of their mitigation and tracking programs, as well as employer groups looking to assess potential outbreaks or facilitate return-to-work processes.

Here's how it works:

> A healthcare provider takes a blood sample

> The sample is sent to AccessDx and loaded on specialty equipment

> Results are provided within 24 hours, and often the same day as the specimen receipt

> Results are accessible by the provider/patient via a secure portal

*Download a PDF summary of AccessDx COVID-19 antibody testing solutions.

World-class Operations Support

The AccessDx support team is highly experienced in rapid response scenarios, multi-facility deployments, and end-to-end testing program support for healthcare, community, and employer clients. No matter your group's unique needs, the AccessDx team is dedicated to addressing the challenges presented by COVID-19.

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