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CareOne Academy

CareONE Academy

The Future of Pharmacy Practice is Here Today

For over 40 years thought leaders within the profession have been calling for:

• Pharmacists to receive provider status

• Pharmacist to get paid for providing direct patient care

• Pharmacists to become primary care providers

• Pharmacist to become active participants on the interprofessional care team

• Pharmacist to prevent costly drug misadventures

• Pharmacist to improve patient outcomes for chronic disease states

And it just has not become the standard of care….until now. Our Pharmacists are:

• Embedded on interprofessional teams within primary care practices

• Getting paid as providers for providing direct patient care

• Providing expert management of chronic care

• Preventing drug misadventures

• Providing medication reconciliation and cost avoidance strategies

And most importantly they are using their clinical skills to better the lives of their patients and they love their jobs. Our pharmacists use the TELEPRACTICE® of pharmacy to work from home and deliver high quality care to patients across the country. Using our proprietary suite of software tools we provide:

• COVID Testing

• Diabetes Remote Patient Monitoring

• Baseline Wellness Encounters

• Comprehensive Medication Reconciliation

• Chronic Care Management

• Genomic Testing and Analysis

• Fall Risk Assessments

• Behavioral and Cognitive Screening

• Healthcare Cost Reduction Planning

• Advance Care Planning

• And more

If you would like:

• The freedom to practice at the top of your profession

• To learn the secret to long term job security

• To develop your own lucrative patient care practice

• To learn our revolutionary system for getting paid to provide clinical services today

• Make your own hours

• Work from home

Then you need to join the CareOne Academy.

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