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CareONE is committed to deliver health care solutions that meet the needs of patients, providers and the health care continuum that work in a world that has been changed forever by the Coronavirus. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost but hundreds of millions of lives must be saved at the same time.

There is no blueprint for life in a pandemic so CareONE has adapted to change while always thinking of ways to keep changing. The stairway to success as health care providers has never been more difficult so CareONE has invested the resources needed to meet those challenges.

Bringing our country back from the devastation caused by COVID19 presents all of us with the daily tasks and the enormous uncertainly that lies ahead in reshaping the health care industry that must deliver care, compassion and empathy to all those who have suffered and need help

The profession of pharmacy was created with traditional ways to serve patients and deliver our cognitive and skills when they came to us but COVID19 has changed that forever. Outreach to patients to connect them remotely so that they can get the care they need is critical so CareONE pivoted to create a proactive approach instead of waiting to deliver our value-based services

No one can argue that Pharmacists are health care providers who bring needed medication management and so much more to patients despite the noise surrounding ‘recognizing us’ as the essential professionals that we are. Now is not the time to fight that battle as our fight is against a virus much more damaging than the issue we have been dealing with before the pandemic where legislators and PBMs are killing us and simply do not care.

The singular mission of CareONE Concierge is to educate, empower, inspire and then hire a nationwide group of Pharmacists, PharmDs and most importantly, Students of Pharmacy who can all safely work in a TELEPRACTICE environment to deliver a new standard of care in collaboration with physicians. Our model can seamlessly offer any member of our profession, at any stage of your career the opportunity to enhance your role as a Pharmacist who saves lives during the most difficult times that our world has ever seen.

Standing up to COVID19 allows all members of our CareONE Academy to take their passion for patients and convert it to revenue. By taking our educational & experiential pathway that defines the collaborative business model that we have developed, you can graduate with certification to practice at the height of your profession. You can also leave with the solution that gives you the toolkit to practice in a ‘safe haven’ environment that is compliant so that you can be paid for the services you can deliver as a PROVIDER.

CareONE Concierge Founders

Ken Sternfeld, RPH

Crystal Cruz, Pharm.D., RPh

Jason Cavolina, Pharm.D.

CareONE Academy Faculty

Greg L. Alston, Pharm.D.

Tracy V. Faulkner, Pharm.D.

Ruthlyn Noel-Joseph, BA, MPA

Alana S. Martin, B.S.

Parisa Nahvi, RDH, BS

Paige N. Zwicker, B.S.

Theresa Jacobellis, M.S.

Aida Mani

CareONE Foundation

Caitlin Grenier

Ken Sternfeld, RPH

About The Concierge Pharmacist

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Ken Sternfeld, as Founder of RXVIP, had a vision of enhancing the role of Pharmacists in the health care continuum. As an advocate for provider status for our profession, he created a paradigm shift in the way Pharmacists can practice at the height of their license by working at the point of care, right in physician offices.

The concept of Pharmacy Friday was developed so Pharmacists, PharmD and Students of Pharmacy can take a day off from retail to become a Concierge Service Provider (CSP) and be paid for the professional services you deliver.

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